Tuesday, October 24, 2006

C# 3.0 Extensions

In einer Diskussion über Mittag zum Thema C# 3.0 wurde nach den Verbesserungen der neuen Version gefragt. Aus diesem Grund hier eine kurze Übersicht und ein Dokument zum Thema von Microsoft.

· Implicitly typed local variables, which permit the type of local variables to be inferred from the expressions used to initialize them.
· Extension methods, which make it possible to extend existing types and constructed types with additional methods.
· Lambda expressions, an evolution of anonymous methods that provides improved type inference and conversions to both delegate types and expression trees.
· Object initializers, which ease construction and initialization of objects.
· Anonymous types, which are tuple types automatically inferred and created from object initializers.
· Implicitly typed arrays, a form of array creation and initialization that infers the element type of the array from an array initializer.
· Query expressions, which provide a language integrated syntax for queries that is similar to relational and hierarchical query languages such as SQL and XQuery.
· Expression trees, which permit lambda expressions to be represented as data (expression trees) instead of as code (delegates).

Und hier das vollständige Dokument.

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