Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Welcome back!
After a pretty long break in blogging I'm starting over again. Trivadis gave me a good reason for it ;-) Hopefully there are coming up a lot of interesting themes in 2011.

I'm sure ASP.NET MVC will be big also this year with the release of version 3. I'm doing definitely some interesting post about it. But my first activity is a speech for MSUGS on February 17, 2011. For more infos visit MSUGS. And I will do a session at TechDays 2011 in May as well.

Further there will be the first public beta release of Silverlight 5 in spring with many new cool features like:

  • Richer Media Support
  • 3D Support
  • P/Invoke
  • Elevated rights in the browser
  • Vector printing
  • Multiple windows (out-of-Browser only)
  • Improved DataBinding (almost like in WPF)
  • Custom MarkupExtensions
  • Debugging DataBinding
  • UI Testing

So stay tuned!

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