Thursday, April 20, 2006

MOC Kurse .NET 2.0

Die neuen Kurse sind in Core (3 Tage) und Advanced (2 Tage) aufgeteilt. Es ist nicht möglich die beiden Kurse zusammen zu fassen und in 4 Tagen zu geben, so wie dies Gerüchte behaupteten.
Viel Spass mit den neuen Kursen!


We never intended the workshops to be taught combined in 4 days - I don't see any way you could do this without cutting units.
Actually, we didn't intend them to be taught combined as 5 day workshops either - though we knew there would be CPLSs who would want to offer them that way. Ideally there should be a gap of several months of applying the concepts from the core workshops in the workplace before taking the advanced workshops.

Regards, Eric
Eric Dettinger Technologist Microsoft Learning

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